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        Camphor Series
        It can be used in the storage items such as cotton, woolen, chemical fib..
        Moth Series
        It can be used in the storage items such as cotton, woolen, chemical fib..
        Air Freshener S..
        It gives your home a fresh, welcoming smell. Available in variety of s..
        Desiccant Serie..
        Effectively remove moisture and maintain dry and clean...
        Deodorant Serie..
        Effectively remove unpleasant odors and moisture...

      Located at Taishan C a beautiful hometown for oversea Chinese, Guangdong Taishan Daily Chemical Factory has devoted herself to the development of mothproof repellent series since her establishing in 1985. Benefiting from our rich experience over 30 years in manufacturing, we have established our own brand JIABAO. JIABAO mothproof repellent series are made by superior quality material with advanced technics procedure, and outstanding in Effect, which is very popular both at home and abroad. We have always kept our leading position in this lines.
      Our principle is CUSTOMER FIRST, SERVICE FORMOST, CREDIT FIRST, QUALITY FIRST. We have good quality control system, at each...


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          AddressNO. 1 QIAO YUAN NEW VILLAGE, GONG YI, DA JIANG, TAI SHAN, JIANG MEN CITY, GUANG DONG PROVICE, P. R. CHINA                                                                               Tel: 0086-750-5411682        Fax: 0086-750-5412898

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